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Grant Administrator Product Description:

Grant Administrator is a user-friendly and powerful relational database application designed by Dyna-Quest Technologies for the efficient and reliable tracking and reporting on a wide variety of sponsored programs and account types.  It is extremely flexible and can function to track either detailed or general program and accounting information. Grant Administrator is optimized for fast data entry and allows you to maximize your efficiency and upgrade your grant management skills while maintaining accurate records and timely reports.

Administrators use various Grant Administrator packages to track proposals, research awards, contracts, clinical trials, grants, discretionary budget lines, physician clinics and fees, and much more.   Many administrators working with this product had in the past used spreadsheets or other cumbersome systems not optimized for non-profit administration or fund accounting.  Others had been relying on central systems and found that they needed a more specific and timely system than what is often provided by large central systems.

With the latest release, Grant Administrator 6.0., you can track anywhere from a single account to over a thousand accounts at either the departmental or central levels.  It is available in Single-User, Network, and Site License packages.

The Site Manager option is available for Network and Site License packages and allows administrative directors to manage and/or monitor multiple Grant Administrator databases maintained for separate departments or divisions.

You can download the user manual as well as request a 30 day free trial of Grant Administrator if you are interested in entering your own data and testing reports. 

If you would like to discuss your administrative responsibilities with Dyna-Quest, we can suggest a Grant Administrator package to suit your needs.

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